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Editing Style

Editing is an intensely personal process and it's no wonder: that book is your child! As such, before we enter any sort of partnership, I like to talk to writers about their expectations and needs. Do you want me to pay attention to your dialogue? Are you concerned about pacing? My editing process is always honest and straightforward, but it comes from a place of genuine excitement and belief in each writer and their abilities. This demands a delicate balance of sensitivity and constructive feedback that uplifts rather than discourages. 

Simple Copyediting

Perhaps referring to copyediting as "simple" is a bit misleading, as copyediting requires five objectives: to make the manuscript clear, correct, concise, comprehensible, and consistent. To do this, I will be following the Chicago Manual of Style as I work through your manuscript, paying attention to the syntax, punctuation, repetition and wordiness, hyphenations, spelling, and more.

Developmental Editing

Developmental or structural editing evaluates the "bigger picture" within the manuscript, i.e. the plot, characters, pacing, etc. Developmental editing ensures that there are no plot holes, character inconsistencies, poor character development, or confusing dialogue. If I am editing a nonfiction piece of writing, developmental editing will pertain to clarifying the author's intent and message to guarantee that the subject matter is clear.


Proofreading occurs at the very end of the editing process. By this point, your manuscript should have already been heavily copyedited and formatted for publishing. Proofreading is the last crucial step before sending your manuscript off for publication. I will be looking for missed typos and misplaced punctuation, as well as guaranteeing the layout (page numbers, headings, table of figures, line breaks, etc.) is correctly formatted. 

Package Deal

If you find yourself sick from looking at your manuscript and can't bear the idea of doing any kind of editing (whether you are fed up from looking at this thing or you're overwhelmed by the thought of editing), don't fret. I offer a bundle editing package! This package includes all editing steps described above for a discounted price! 

Estimates and Rates

 Editing can be expensive, but I offer rates that hopefully won't break your wallet or the bank. Of course, timelines and price estimates vary due to the size of the project, my availability, and your expected time frame (e.g. if you need your project finished sooner than later, it will cost more). Included below are some estimates based off of average editor costs for a 100,000 word manuscript: 


I charge approximately $0.019/word while copyediting, so, for a manuscript of 100,000 words you're total would come to $1,900.

Developmental Edits

Depending on the intensity of developmental edits needed, I charge between $0.018-0.023/word. So, a manuscript of 100,000 words would come to approximately $1,800-2,300.


I charge $0.014 for proofreading, so, a 100,000 word manuscript totals to $1,400.

Package Deal: Copyediting, developmental editing, and proofreading.

Your 100,000 word manuscript needs it all, so, based upon my average costs above—and to cut you a deal—I would charge approximately $4,013.

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