Design Portfolio

Help Not Harm Coasters

The Help Not Harm Coasters were made as part of a UK-wide campaign to address the devastating epidemic of drug-related deaths within Scotland. Through bright colors and animal facts, the coasters attempt to destigmatize drug use to help decrease drug-related deaths in the UK. Scanning the QR code allows people to learn more about drug safety tips and techniques.

ABC, I'm Child-Free: The Childless 

Guide to Parenthood

 Tongue-in-cheek and facetious, ABC, I’m Child-free: The Childless Guide to Parenthood is a parody of “self-help” parenting books. The adult book combines the whimsical, rhyming lyricism and endearing, bright illustrations typically found in baby books and juxtaposes it with satirically crass and ignorant advice—all while masquerading itself as helpful and self-aggrandizing. Partnering with an illustrator, I wrote, coordinated each page’s content layout, and created the typography for the book. 

Stryvling Press Fifth-Anniversary Anthology: Solas

For the fifth-year anniversary of Stryvling Press, I both designed and typeset Solas. The anthology's 'Wood Anniversary' depicts a redwood forest that is in transition from winter to spring because redwoods are resilient to both the expansive passage of time and the ravages of fire. It celebrates the press's anniversary and acknowledges Solas’  themes surrounding grief, loss, love, and rebirth. If you would like to buy a copy, you can do so here

CurbStomp Artwork

CurbStomp came about during Quarantine, in which I started to screen print, linograph print, digital art, create my own Suminagashi marbled paper, and mixed media designs under the pseudonym CurbStomp. These designs are abstract versions of chattering teeth toys and cowboy hearts; they are just a few of the CurbStomp designs.

Lecture Poster

This lecture poster was created on Photoshop for a lecture on the mysterious life and death of President J.F.K. 

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