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I offer freelance editing services at any stage of your book's development: simple copyedits, structural & developmental edits, and proofreading edits. No matter what editorial stage your manuscript is in, I will ensure it is professional and ready for its next stage.

My Motivation

You're reading a book when all of the sudden, you notice a continuity error; a typo; clunky dialogue. Consequentially, you're ejected from the immersion of the narrative! This is not a failure of the author, but the editors who did not do everything in their power to perfect the manuscript before publication. As your editor, I won't let that happen.

About Me

I am an affable individual with a keen-eye for detail. 

 I've worked across various genres within publishing from cookbooks, to nonfiction books about the Catalan Independence movement, to fantasy, and fiction anthologies. As such, I am an extremely thorough and flexible editor because of my gained experiences across various publishing sectors like editorial, design, publicity/marketing, and typesetting. 

Finished the next great novel? 

Guarantee it's ready for the next stage.


Through blood (I hope not), sweat, and tears, you've done the impossible: written a book. Now it's time to make sure your baby develops to its full potential. That's where I come into the picture.

Whether it's cookbooks or short stories, I can edit it all; however, I work especially well when editing fiction, specifically romance, erotica, fantasy, urban fantasy, and LGBTQIA+ stories. 

Simple Copy Editing

Finishing a full manuscript is an exhausting ordeal, so it's understandable if you don't wish to look at it further during the editing process. Your manuscript needs fresh eyes to catch any misspellings, clumsy sentence structures, and punctuation. 

Developmental Editing

Uncertain if your magic system makes sense? Want to make sure your characters' dialogue and actions are consistent? Questioning the pace of your story? Don't fret the big picture: you're in good hands.


You've looked at your manuscript so many times now, it's all starting to blur together. You can't be sure if you've missed a comma here, or misspelled something there. Come, weary soldier, and lay your manuscript at my feet. Let me help you in the final leg of this journey.

Package Deal: Copyediting, Developmental Edits, and Proofreading

Feeling overwhelmed and like your story needs all the help it can get? I offer a package deal that includes all the necessary steps of editing: copyediting, developmental editing, and proofreading.


"Ella Gallego has been a diligent, hyper-focused, and amazing editor for the last three years I’ve worked with her. She goes above and beyond to look at each line meticulously to provide perspective and feedback I would have otherwise missed. Her suggestions are comprehensive without ever overwriting my voice as a writer. She gives each project she edits more care and time that most writers put into their pieces."
Jordan Penland, artist & author


"Ella is an incredibly friendly and supportive editor whose sincere interest in my work helped me to develop a strong and consistent voice. She was highly engaged with my manuscript and didn't miss anything. Her feedback was not only constructive and helpful, but so earnest that it felt more like an open dialogue than a list of all the things I had done wrong."
Sarah Perez, writer 


"I was nervous about sharing my work with a stranger, yet Ella ensured that I felt comfortable during the entire process. I appreciate that she asks what we are most concerned about in our books, because it means that I am also a part of the editing process, and not just being told what to fix. She listens and curtails her feedback to fit my style, not the other way around."
Cameron Dixon, writer

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